Birth name Kyle Guy
Origin Los Angeles, California
Genres Hip-Hop
Occupations Emcee/Entertainer
Labels Independent
Associated acts Murs
Swim Team
Project Blowed

VerBS (born Kyle Guy) is an African-American emcee from Los Angeles hip hop battle crew the Swim Team.[1]

He is well known for his participation in Jumpoff's 2007 World Rap Championships and international tours alongside Warner Bros. Records recording artist Murs, tying him to two separate underground hip hop legacies; Project Blowed and Living Legends. He is the current resident host of 'Bananas' at the Kaos Network in Lemert Park, California. He and Alpha MC make up the duo Red Foxx.

Early Years and InfluencesEdit

VerBS has cited photography and women as two of his primary inspirations along with a third being comic books, an interest he shares with both Murs and Psychosiz.

Music CareerEdit

VerBS is s a member of the Swim Team, a rap battle crew consisting of himself, Dumbfoundead, Sahtyre, Psychosiz, Lyraflip, Rogue Venom, Open Mike Eagle, and his Red Foxx partner Alpha MC -- all of whom are members of the Project Blowed collective of musicians. In 2007 VerBS & Lyraflip paired together to enter the World Rap Championships 2 on 2 tournament.[2]

VerBS appears promenately on the Swim Team debut album Ocean's Eleven.

VerBS is frequently featured alongside the Swim Team on group collaborations including "Move" (Sahtyre - High Saht) and "Dive Bars" (Lyraflip - My World in a Whirlwind). In 2009 he released a project with Hellfyre Club artist Intuition entitled "The Buzz".[3] In 2009 VerBS performed at the hip hop festival Paid Dues.[4]

He also appears on "I'm On" (Nocando - Jimmy the Lock) and on the track "The Lick" from the 2010 album Fornever by Murs & 9th Wonder.


  • (with/Intuition) The Buzz [2009]
  • (with/Swim Team) Ocean's Eleven [2008]
  • (single) "Journey 2 Fame" [2008]


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