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Tiger JK
(타이거 JK)
Background information
Birth name Seo Jung-kwon (Template:Lang)
Also known as JK, Tiger J.K.
Born July 29, 1974 (1974-07-29) (age 44)
Template:Flagicon Seoul, South Korea
Origin Template:Flagicon Los Angeles, California, Template:Flagicon USA
Genres Hip hop, West Coast hip hop, gangsta rap, conscious hip hop
Occupations Rapper, songwriter, lyricist, record producer, singer
Instruments Keyboard, electric guitar, sampler, synthesizer, vocals
Years active 1990 - present
Labels Oasis Records (1990s - 2000s)
Jungle (2006 - present)

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Seo Jung-kwon (Hangul: 서정권, Hanja: 徐廷權) (born July 29, 1974 by lunar calendar on June 11) better known by his stage name Tiger JK (Hangul: 타이거 JK) is a Korean American rapper, songwriter, lyricist, entrepreneur, and record producer. He is the leader and co-founder with (DJ Shine) of Korean American Hip hop group Drunken Tiger, and also the founder and C.E.O. of South Korean Hip hop label; Jungle Entertainment.

Early lifeEdit

Seo was born in Seoul, South Korea on July 29 (by lunar calendar on June 11) 1974[1] the first of three siblings born to South Korean parents . At age twelve he and his family immigrated to the United States where the family briefly lived Miami, Florida where he practiced Taekwondo and earned his 5th rank black belt in 1990. The family later moved to California and was raised in Los Angeles, California where he attended and graduated from Beverly Hills High School where he was partially racially discriminated. As a teen living in Los Angeles he witnessed the violence between Korean Americans and African Americans during the 1992 Los Angeles Riots; JK was determined to close the gap between the two races with his rhymes. He later graduated from UCLA.[2]

Musical careerEdit

Beginning of Drunken Tiger and success Edit

At age sixteen he met Micki Eyes, later to be a member of Drunken Tiger, and performed in a rap festival in Los Angeles. He later caught the eye of Oasis Entertainment of South Korea, got signed, and released his first solo album, Enter The Tiger. The album achieved major success, but due to censorship, the songs were banned from being played from radio stations.[3] Soon after the album and American rapper Ice Cube's highly controversial song Black Korea , Tiger JK teamed up with east coast rapper DJ Shine, and together the duo formed Drunken Tiger in 1998. Although the group was formed in the U.S., the group debuted in South Korea as well. The group immediately gained major popularity with songs such as I Want You and Do You Know Hip hop?.

Criticism, withdrawal of DJ Shine, and further activities Edit

Initially, Drunken Tiger was criticized for generating controversy due to their explicit content, and rebellious attitude towards mainstream music trends. Nevertheless, they continued to write their own music, perform in local shows, and gather a large following. The group would go on to release five albums, before DJ Shine would leave for personal reasons.[4]

Throughout his career he has also written and composed many Hip hop songs in South Korea for many well known Hip hop artists in the country.

On mid 2006, Drunken Tiger established a Hip hop Record label named, Jungle Entertainment which roster includes many well known Hip hop artists.[5]

Today, Tiger JK continues to perform under the Drunken Tiger stage name, and is still considered one of South Korea's most respected Hip hop artists.[6]

The eight album, titled Feel gHood Muzik : The 8th Wonder was released on June 29, 2009.[7]

Activism Edit

Soon after American rapper Ice Cube's controversial song Black Korea which was the 15th track of his second studio album; Death Certificate, which was released one year before the 1992 Los Angeles Riots, where the lyrics glamorize about how Korean Americans are ignorant, and rude to African Americans and threatens to "burn down their stores to a crisp".[8] In response, Tiger JK and other Korean rappers fought back Ice Cube's racial remarks and to decrease pressure of the two races.

Influences and rapping style Edit

Tiger JK has credited Jamaican singer Bob Marley for his musical style[9] and numerous American rappers as well. and has demonstrated his Reggae style, gangsta rap style and West Coast hip hop in Drunken Tiger songs, Tiger JK is praised for various aspects of his rapping technique by numerous other rappers – these techniques include: his varied and humorous subject matter, connecting with his audience, carrying a concept over a series of albums, unique rhyme schemes, his ability to bend words so that they rhyme, his use of syllabic rhymes fitting many rhymes in each bar, complex rhythms, use of melody, and syncopation.

Equipment and musical instruments Edit

Tiger JK often uses common samplers and typical synthesizers and can play the electric guitar and electronic keyboards[10] coaching his artists. Although he rarely is seen playing instruments on stage he is a exceptional pianist as demonstrated in the song 8:45 Heaven piano intro.

Personal life Edit

Family Edit

Tiger JK and singer/rapper Yoon MiRae secretly wed on 2007, and the couple have one son named Jordan Seo who was born in mid 2008.[11]

Health problems Edit

Tiger JK was diagnosed with transverse myelitis in 2006,[12] which led to a two-year hiatus from performing.

Drug possession trialEdit

Tiger JK was arrested for possession of narcotics on 2000, even though some say there was strong evidence that Tiger JK did not use drugs. He served community service as a penalty, and the band received a two year promotion ban.[13]

Entrepreneurship Edit


Shortly after discovering having Transverse Myelitis, Tiger JK began his clothing line named LUNGTA in 2005.[14]

Record releases Edit


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