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Jeff Dandurand (born February 13, 1974)[1], mostly known as Jeff Duran, is an American radio personality, comedian[2], actor, writer, entertainer and former child actor based in Los Angeles, California.

Duran can be heard weekdays 2-7PM on two Southern California stations KKZQ-FM Antelope Valley[3] and KOCP-FM Ventura.[4]

Early CareerEdit

Child ActorEdit

Jeff's mother was the first to nurture his creative aspirations and began taking him on auditions by the time he was 12.[5] Dandurand was able to obtain management and sign with the Savage Agency, which resulted in bit parts on television and in film.[6] Jeff Duran began his career as a child actor[7] appearing in one episode of Tough Cookies, a short-lived sitcom that starred Robby Benson.[8] Jeff's role as "kid auto thief" was omitted from the theatrical release of No Man's Land[9], a 1987 film starring Charlie Sheen and then unknown Brad Pitt who played a "waiter". [10] According to IMDB, Jeff also appeared in Twilight Zone and the ABC series The Wonder Years episodes: "Math Class" (1989) and "Rock and Roll" (1990) as Jeff Dandurand.[7][11] In 1989, Jeff was cast as one of "Lil Dave's" friends by Penelope Spheeris in a video for the group Megadeth.[12] Dandurand’s last appearance as a child actor was in the ABC sitcom Step By Step.[13]


On Southern California radio, Jeff is most-known as the "rock and roll junkie." At KLSX, KCXX and KIXA, Dandurand would urge callers to stump the junkie on his vast music knowledge, with the listener normally losing to challenge. Jeff has since retired stump the junkie, but includes the "rock and roll junkie" sound bite on the Duran Show.[14] Jeff began his radio career at KCLB 93.7 in Palm Springs, California where he worked from 1994 through 1995. Jeff's goal at the time was also to become a stand up comic, so he moved back to Los Angeles and worked briefly as a reporter for Shadow Traffic.[15] To get back on the air, Dandurand paid out of his pocket to host a radio show called L.A. Rock Scene.[16] This led to full time work at KIXA, a small rock station in Victorville, California.

File:Jeff On KLSX.jpg

In 2000, Jeff caught a break hosting "Metalblitz Radio" on KLSX, an FM talk station in Los Angeles that also carried The Howard Stern Show.[17] "Metalblitz Radio" was funded by MUSICBLITZ Records, a web based label, and became the subject of high profile articles and a sold out live show. Jeff appeared on an episode of the Late Late Show[18] as a result of his weekly show. Although the show had good ratings for KLSX, "Metalblitz Radio" was dropped when MUSICBLITZ Records folded in 2001.[19]

“Duran” resurfaced in Riverside, working for KCXX an alternative rock station in late 2001.[20] At KCXX, Jeff worked his way from weekend announcer to Morning Drive co host.[21] This led to a solo morning gig at active rock station KKXX-FM in Bakersfield. In January 2005, Jeff returned to Los Angeles to resume his comedy career.[22]

Duran has worked as a radio personality on:

Duran ShowEdit

In September 2007, Dandurand returned to radio as afternoon drive host on modern rock station KKZQ in Palmdale, California. Shortly after, a feud erupted between Jeff and morning show host Fathead. Both traded insults until he challenged Fathead to a one mile race. The feud eventually got settled with both DJs running for charity at a local water park. Even though he lost, Jeff ran on behalf of the March of Dimes in honor of a friend's baby who was born with a heart defect.[23]

Jeff is currently program director at KKZQ, in addition to hosting the Duran Show, and afternoons at KOCP-FM in Ventura.[4],[24]

Many guests have appeared on the Duran Show, including Lady Gaga, who would frequent the show before becoming an international phenomenon.[25] Recently, Munky from Korn appeared on the Duran Show to debut new songs and promote a hometown concert.[26]

Stand Up Edit

JJ StarEdit

Jeff's presence on radio has helped his edgy stand up act,[27] opening for the likes of Carlos Mencia, Pauly Shore, Dave Attell and Doug Stanhope. Dandurand started performing stand up at age 19 under the pseudonym "JJ Star"[28][29], alongside comedians Jamie Kennedy, Dane Cook and Brian Holtzman in Los Angeles. Jeff's early stand-up was modeled after the rock and roll of the late 80’s and was met with little success. According to a 1997 Los Angeles Times article, Jeff Duran was compared to Sam Kinison after an audition at the Ice House in Pasadena, CA.[30] In a 2006 television appearance, Jeff told host Denise Ames that he created JJ Star to be the "most outrageous comedian of all time."[31] Dandurand now records and performs under the moniker Jeff "JJ Star" Duran, which is a combination of his mainstream and racy personas.

How Embarrassing is the latest CD/DVD project from Jeff "JJ Star" Duran, and will be released September 26, 2010.[32][33] [34] Initially planned as a short film by Los Angeles based BZR Entertainment[35], the project was later put on hold after Jeff lost control at the taping.[36] How Embarrassing was inspired by that incident and will include a mini documentary about the comedian leading up to the later event.[37] Earlier this year, Duran released a free download called "Duran's P.A.I.N" , a parody of "Game's Pain", made popular by rapper The Game.[38][37]


Other Works (2010-present)Edit

Considered a highly regarded musicologist, Dandurand writes for the Australia based AOR e-zine Glory Daze[39] and has contributed commentary to several DVD biographies including Aural Amphetamine - Metallica and The Dawn Of Thrash.[40] Jeff will appear in Glamourpuss - The Lady Gaga Story in 2010.


Discography Edit

Year Album title
2006 Still Kicking[45]
2007 Defects of Character
2010 How Embarrassing


  • 2009: Duran's P.A.I.N


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